Horizontal Spirograph Tickets Text Printed                               

90gsm Bond Paper.

Horizontal spirograph

Spirograph background with a choice of 12 colours.

Maximum ticket width 165mm.

Number and size of stubs -1 or 2 minimum 30mm. 

Choice of 2 depths:
75mm, 100mm

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Number of lines of text:
75mm = 17 lines

100mm = 23 lines

Number of characters per line depends upon the size of stubs.

Minimum stub size (recommended) 30mm gives 9 characters in regular computer type.

75mm = 3 inches, 100mm = 4 inches

Samples available on request. Click on thumbnail tickets to see full size image

  • batwalk
  • danger
  • guysdolls
  • letsdance
  • midsummer
  • mozart
  • musicman
  • polska
  • singin
  • treasure

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