1. GENERAL. These Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to the supply of all tickets (in whatever form), ticket stock, general printing, finishing services or whatever constitutes a supply by JUST TICKETS against an order now or in the future.

2. ORDERS. The placement of an order by a customer is a record of acceptance of these Standard Terms and Conditions. Telephone orders are accepted only on the condition that written confirmation of the order is received before the order is processed. The only advantage of a telephone order being that it is logged into the production schedule and, when official written confirmation is received, it will be processed as if written confirmation had arrived at the time of the telephone order.

E-mall orders are acceptable providing full details of the customer are supplied.

3. QUOTATIONS. All quotations and tenders are given by JUST TICKETS on the condition that JUST TICKETS shall not be bound until communicated written or verbal acceptance of the Customer's order is given by JUST TICKETS. ln the event of any inconsistency between the terms of the Customers order and these Terms and Conditions, these Conditions shall prevail unless the contrary has been agreed in writing by JUST TICKETS before the order is commenced.

4. COST VARIATION. All prices are subject to market fluctuation of materials and services used in production of goods. Every effort is made to absorb these cost increases and to give fair warning of price increases. Any price given on a quotation or tender will hold insofar as a time limit stated on the quotation or tender submitted. Should there be no time stipulation then a standard term of 30 (thirty) days from date of quotation /tender shall apply.

5. PAYMENT. Payment is required with order for all new customers. For existing customers orders of £50 or less excluding VAT. Account facilities are available for orders in excess of £50 and payment is due within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of despatch of goods or invoice date, whichever is the earlier. This account facility will be withdrawn by JUST TICKETS at any time if these Terms and Conditions are not complied with.

JUST TICKETS reserves the right to charge interest at 3% over Base Rate on any outstanding account calculated from the expiry of such period and will automatically charge such interest on any outstanding account that exceeds 14 days from date of invoice.

6. DELIVERY. JUST TICKETS will endeavour to maintain a despatch service between 7 & 10 (seven to ten) working days from receipt of order for standard tickets. For special requirements, quotations or tenders the quoted delivery date will be the target delivery for despatch of order. No delivery is guaranteed nor is JUST TICKETS responsible for the time taken for delivery by the chosen carrier. The standard carrier will be the Post Office (or other contracted carrier at the time) unless the customer requests otherwise. Any additional cost incurred by using an alternative carrier will be borne by the customer. JUST TICKETS shall not incur any liability to the Customer in respect of any failure of the carrier to deliver nor for delay in delivery. In no circumstances shall JUST TICKETS be under any liability or obligation to the Customer in respect of any indirect or consequential loss arising from such failure or delay. The reprinting and resupply of tickets or other goods that the carrier fails to deliver or has delayed the delivery of, is at the discretion of JUST TICKETS as to whether the cost of the tickets or goods and delivery charges, associated with the reprint, are charged to the Customer.

7. EXPRESS SERVICE. An Express Service is on offer for the process and despatch of ticket orders within a 2 to 3 (two to three) working days from receipt of order at a surcharge of 3O% of value of nett goods excluding carriage and packing and VAT. This service is on offer at the discretion of JUST TICKETS and can be withdrawn at any time when to retain the service would jeapordise our standard delivery service from time to time or during busy periods of peak demand for our products and services.

8. ERRORS OR OMISSIONS. The onus is on the Customer to check thrir order upon receipt to see that what has been supplied is correct. Errors or omissions must be reported in writing to JUST TICKETS within 5 working days of receipt of goods or upon receipt of invoice (if error or omission is on invoice)- JUST TICKETS reserve the right to inspect the goods in relation to any complaint at their discretion before proceeding to replace the goods in relation to an alleged error or omission.

9. CANCELLATION. Whilst sympathetic consideration will be given to requests to cancel orders, JUST TICKETS reserves the right to make a 50% cancellation charge (75% for Express Service), where it sees fit. This particularly applies if JUST TICKETS has incurred costs as a direct result of the customer placing the order. Should the order be completed at the time of cancellation then the full charge for production of this order will stand as payment due.

10. CHANGES. By mutual agreement an order may be changed in terms of content or detail of text and quantities to be supplied provided that such changes do not make obsolete any work already carried out to this order. If such changes do make work already carried obsolete the Customer must confirm liability to cover this cost before the amendments are undertaken.

11. WAIVER OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Any of the Terms and Conditions and likely charges within them can only be waived by the Managing Parnerr of JUST TICKETS which has to be evidenced in writing by his signature.

12. CONTRACTS. Where JUST TICKETS enters into a long terms contractual relationship for the supply of goods and services for a Customer these Terms and Conditions will apply unless expressly amended with such contract but only with approval of the Managing Partner of JUST TICKETS in writing.

13. FORCE MAJEURE. lf JUST TICKETS is prevented from, delayed or hindered (whether wholly or in part) in performance of any contract or order by strike, lock out, trade dispute, act of God, war, dot, explosion, fire, shortage of materials, labour, transport, or fuel, or without limiting the generality of the forgoing by other cause or consequence outside of JUST TICKET'S direct control whether affecting its own business or that of any supplier or subcontractor, JUST TICKETS shall not be liable for any loss or damage (direct, indirect or consequential) to the Customer or any third party.

14. PROPER LAW. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by English law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection herewith.

15. VALUE ADDED TAX. VAT is chargeable in accordance with current legislation at the time of despatch of goods or provision of service.

16. VAT EXEMPTION. Provided that a current VAT Exemption certificate is supplied at time of ordering this will be applied to the Customer's order. Registered Charities are not exempt from VAT unless holding a VAT Exemption Certificate.

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