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Just Tickets is owned by the husband and wife team of Jim and Carolynn Birney. Jim has extensive knowledge of the amateur and professional theatre, having spent the last 40+ years designing lighting and sound systems for dozens of productions, as well as having been building & technical services manager for the Kenton Theatre in Henley, the fourth oldest working theatre in the country. Jim also runs a Sound Hire business for indoor/outdoor events and is also Secreary/Treasurer of the Theatrical Traders Association. Carolynn has extensive accounting experience and applies this throughout the companies daily business.      

Following the demise of Ticketshop and Ticket Express in 1994/95 we at Just Tickets purchased the assets of both companies and re-located to the market town of Henley-on-Thames, famous for the Royal Regatta each year in July. In 2005 we re-located to Rotherfield Greys and in June of 2014 due to the end of our lease we moved to detached premises in our home village of Sonning Common and now enjoy a ten minute leisurely walk to work in the morning.

Despite what other ticket printers say, text only printing is still the cheapest form of continuous printing available today. For that up-market look then Laser printing is the obvious choice to include graphics or logos of your choice.

Ticket data input is spread between computer operators Adam, Chris, Paul, Roger and Stuart with all ticket finishing and packing being completed by Eve a seasoned professional of some 25 years in the ticket business.

Jim designs all our Laser printed and bespoke printing work. Additional part time staff are used where necessary in our ever expanding Draw and Roll ticket market.

Using the latest technology in Dot Matrix and Laser printing available with specialist software the company provides some 30 million tickets in book and roll form per year to an ever expanding customer base both here in the U.K, Ireland and in Europe.

Attending all of the National Operatic and Dramatic Associations Conferences, numbering 11 from Scotland to Cornwall, The Little Theatre Guild Annual Conference and the Association of Irish Musical Societies Conference in Ireland gives Jim and Carolynn a chance to meet up with the many customers and friends they have made in a social gathering. "I don’t know whether I have a job with a hobby or a hobby with a job, whichever way, it is a very nice job indeed" says Jim.

Jim Birney
Managing Partner

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