Vertical Standard

Vertical Standard Dot Matrix PrintedVS Fanfold

  • 90gsm Bond Paper
  • Spirograph background with a choice of 12 colours
  • Standard format 4 part ticket 140mm depth
  • Choice of 2 widths 61mm or 81mm
  • First or Fourth stubs can be cut away to form a 2 or 3 part ticket.


Horizontal Spirograph

Horizontal Spirograph Tickets Dot Matrix PrintedHorizontal Spirograph

  • 90gsm Bond Paper
  • Spirograph background with a choice of 12 colours
  • Standard 4 part ticket 75mm depth x 165mm width with 17 lines in regular computer text.

Laser Tickets

Horizontal Spirograph Laser Printed TicketsLaser Tickets

  • 90gsm Bond Paper
  • Spirograph background with a choice of 12 colours
  • Maximum ticket width 200mm (standard width 165mm)
  • Ticket unit cost includes graphics/logos from our in-house library or of your own supply.

Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek and PVC Wristbands - Secure Admission and Control ID Wristbands.Wristbands

Use Tyvek and PVC Econobands as an effective non-transferable ticketing method. Sharp bright colours, Tyvek with tape or Econoband easily snap locked around all wrists. Elinate lost tickets. Efficient and paractical ticketing and crowd control ID bands.

Draw tickets for sale to the general public are governed by the 1976 Lotteries and Amusement Act and as such, much conform as follows stating:

Name of Organisation running the draw:

Date and Venue of draw:

Name of Local Authority and Registration Number with which the organization is registered with:

Promoter’s Name and Address:

Ticket Price:

Maximum ticket price £1.00, each ticket must be evenly priced. (It is an OFFENCE to offer tickets at e.g. 25p each or a book of 5 for a £1 when the unit ticket cost is 25p each).

Private Draws:

For tickets not on general sale to the public but are restricted for sale to members of one Club, Society or Workforce it is not necessary to register with the Local Authority. Tickets should state the Promoter’s Name and Address and who the sale of tickets is restricted to.

Registered Charities:

If the Organisation running the draw is a Registered Charity then the ticket should confirm this stating the registered number clearly.

Samples available on request

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